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How should I prepare for my SMP Treatment?

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48 Hours Prior??

48 hours before your treatment, you’ll need to stop using Rogaine, Toppik, and other topical products on the scalp. We want your scalp to be as clean and clear for your practitioner.


What are your expectations for your hairline? Scroll through hairline pictures and screenshot how you envision yourself. The day of your session your practitioner will guide you by designing your hairline and ensure it’s symmetrical.

Scalp Care??

Leading up to your treatment, wash and moisturize your scalp with fragrance free products. Think of your scalp as a canvas and we’re prepping it for a masterpiece!


Depending on your case, it may require you to shorten your hair to create less irritation on the scalp the day of. We do however understand that you may need help and our practitioner is equipped to cut your hair in office.


Your session will take anywhere from 3-4 hours and so we highly recommend for you to eat and hydrate properly before your session. You’ll be sitting/laying during the session therefore we want the experience to be as comfortable as possible.

Victor E. Lbarra

Victor E. Lbarra


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